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Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE) is the Open and Distance Learning pathway of the National Education of the Government. It is School at home. Students study the national curriculum (same with school system) in their own time and in their own home.



FODE Newsletter is a monthly published news about updated information of what is happening in the fode sector in Papua New Guinea.

  • Issue 1- 2017

    projectWelcome to the New FODE 2017 and Beyond!
    So what does this mean to those of us who are involved in the training of the young minds in Papua New Guinea through the distance mode?

    It may be an overstatement but I take pride in reiterating and advocating that FODE is the only distance education provider within the National Department of Education, providing alternative choice and pathway for many learners who discontinued their education from the formal school system.

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    projectThis serves to inforrm you of the approved FODE Courses Programmes for Academic year 2018.

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It is Government intention through Education Department that all teaching and learning resources be made open to all; students and non-students alike. However, tutorial and counseling services and, issuing and marking of assignments, tests and examinations and certification are restricted to students only. Students must enroll formally with us through our 22 provincial centres and the many study and district centres or electronically through corresponding Help Desks at FODE Head Office – Registry.

This is your One Stop Learning Resource Centre. You will not go wrong with your studies throughout your education journey if you remain connected in trust and confidence to this Link. In here, you have all FODE and Department of Education official and prescribed teaching and learning course and resource materials.

  • Our Vision

    “Papua New Guineans have grade 12 equivalency education and certification through flexible open distance education”

  • Mission Statement

    “Pursuing quality national education through flexible open distance education (fode) by harnessing all appropriate and affordable technologies”


Development objective; FODE program completers:

  1. • Contributing to labor productivity by increasing stock of job seekers with recognized secondary certificates;
  2. • Contributing to social and cultural development by increasing number of program completers with recognized level of training;
  3. • Accessing higher education opportunities;
  4. • Contributing to the development of standard-based curricula & assessment and, teacher training improvement in the formal education system.