Target audience

  • Students who choose to graduate as FODE students at the end of grade 12
  • Students who choose to complete their Grade 7 to 12 education through FODE with the intention to gain entry into the formal system at the points of exit.
  • Those who want to complete Grades 7 to 12 regardless of their age, employed or unemployed, married or single, including those with physical disabilities.
  • Students who want to complete upgrading programs to progress into tertiary institutions.
  • Students who are undertaking technical or vocational training courses.
  • Students whose employers demand grade 12 equivalency education and certification
  • You can go to any FODE Centre to;
    • Take a Pre-Enrolment Test or an exam
    • Enroll and collect Assignments
    • Hand in Workbooks or Assignments for marking
    • Collect marked Workbooks or Assignments
    • Get advice from your Provincial Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator and Supervisor

Course Details

Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
English English English English Applied English Applied English
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Language and Literature Language and Literature
Science Science Science Science Mathematics Advanced Mathematics Advanced
Social Science Social Science Social Science Social Science Mathematics General Mathematics General
Making A Living Making A Living Business Studies Business Studies Biology Biology
Personal Development Personal Development Personal Development Personal Development Physics Physics
OPTIONAL Making A Living OPTIONAL Making A Living ICT ICT Chemistry Chemistry


Business Studies
Business Studies
Geography Geography
        Economics Economics
        History History
        Business Studies Business Studies
        Personal Development Personal Development
        ICT ICT

Course Preview

*Optional Courses:

Science Stream
Biology, Chemistry & Physics

*Optional Courses:

Social Science Stream
Geography, Economics, Asia and The Modern World, History.

For Certificate in MSP, You must complete 8 courses, 5 compulsory and 3 optional courses.