FODE has a rich history from 1957 as College of External Studies through to College of Distance Education and now Flexible Open Distance Education with its target groups shifted from adult public servants taking grades 5 and 6 and higher level courses from Queensland Correspondence School to preparing school-based correspondence courses. Initially, the focus was on lower secondary courses but gradually extended into higher grades, replacing Australian correspondence school courses..


FODE Enrolment Points include the 22 Provincial Centres, located at the administrative centres of the 22 provinces and, the many Study and District Centres located in the districts and LLG areas of our country..


Human Capital Development;

  • Access;
  • Sustainability;
  • Quality & Standards;
  • Partnerships and Participations.
  • Social & Spiritual Activities

  • Social
  • Family interactive activities
  • Community interactive activities
  • Spiritual
  • Prayer and Worship Guide
  • Accreditation

    FODE provides two main programs;

    1. Alternative choice for students who decide to study at home, in an open and flexible environment, including open access to teaching and learning resource materials and personnel provided by FODE, Education Department and other official reference-links;

    2.The second chance education for upgrading of grades/results of their grades 10 and 12 certificates, and continuing education for students who for various reasons cannot continue their education (grades) in the mainstream school system. Students can be school leavers, handicapped people, employed or unemployed, teenagers or adult, single or married. Anyone who wishes to improve his/her education may study with FODE. The College does not provide classrooms, class teachers or accommodation for students but has teaching and non-teaching staff who are working to help you. You will find in this site the contact-time- schedules and, distance teachers and help desk directory.

    The National Education Plan 2005-2014 (NEP) recognizes that distance education is an important means to deliver education. FODE is mandated to offer open and distance learning pathway as an integral part of the National Education System. It is a School at home, where students study the same primary and secondary education curriculum in their own time, in their own homes, and at their own pace.